Château de Passirac


The Salon

Facing East, the salon catches the first light of day and is decorated with portraits of female members of the family, including a portrait of a lady said to be the mother of the poet Alfred de Vigny, a cousin of M. de la Croix, the builder of the château. Where you would expect a chimney above the fire-place, M. de la Croix ordered his builders to set a window, forcing the smoke up both sides to twin chimneys on the roof.


The Dining room

The main dining room lies above the original kitchen and the food was brought up to the serving room on a dumb waiter. The ceiling of this dining room is decorated with plates and with interlaced Cs and Ss, symbolizing the two sides of the original family de la Croix and de la Sauzay. Wherever the emblem of the cross is found, it is depicted in the form of the Maltese cross.


The Library

The original library is fitted with floor to ceiling book shelves enclosed in glass. It is now used by Béatrice as her office and as our living room.


The Office

The distinctive feature of the office, situated in the North tower, is the parapet paneling, for which a matching set of parapet backed chairs was made. An ornamental fire-place is surmounted by a huge vase bearing the stamp of the cross. The windows here, as elsewhere in the Tower, are of stained glass.